How I work



 I offer adult and young person counselling within a safe, gentle and non-judgemental environment using a holistic approach to look at all parts that make up you as a unique individual.


I can offer support as we explore and raise awareness of the choices you have made that may have influenced your life, your relationships and how you move through the world.


Working alongside you and at your pace, we can gently unpick your concerns to look at your options and the possibility of change.  During therapy I will guide you to become more aware of your physical and emotional responses and by slowing down our dialogue we can explore what may be taking place in the space between us.


I believe that although we are individuals, we are all affected by our relationship to the people and environment around us and this may be reflected in the relationship and contact between the counsellor and the client during the counselling process.


Counselling may help recognise stuck patterns of behaviour or fixed ways that we see others or ourselves and, by becoming aware, there is the choice of change.


At times I may invite you to use drawing or other methods as a way to help us understand your feelings and thoughts but as always, this will be your choice. I will look for ways that work for you.