Counselling for Young People 

Few of us are able to work well when we are stressed or unhappy.  The impact of distressing or difficult situations can be felt as acutely by children and young people as it can by adults.  I believe counselling can help.  I offer a safe place for them to speak safely, without judgement, and support them as they reflect on how their life experiences may have influenced how they are feeling and how they behave.


When your child accesses counselling it does not reflect on you as a parent/guardian.  We all experience ocassions when it feels hard to speak to those closest to us about things that are bothering us.  Often this can be because we dont want to worry those we love the best, or because we want help thinking things through with someone unbiased.

I feel it is really important for you to know that I will not be judging you or your child but looking to help them find their way through whatever is troubling.them.


I feel it is important when counselling young people  to recognise that there are emotional, physical and cognitive  changes occuring as they travel through adolesence towards adulthood.  This can affect the way they engage with school, friends and family. I offer both talking and creative therapies as some young people may be more comfortable sharing their feelings through art or their choice of music, characters in a film or game.


A central feature of counselling is that the information disclosed is treated confidentially. It enables the young person to open up and share feelings without fear of blame or reprisals.

This confidentiality will mean that you won't know what has been said during a session unless a significant risk has been identified.  However, the young person will be made aware that they can speak to whoever they want about their sessions, that the work is not a "secret" but it is their choice whether they do this or not.  I aim to encourage clients to build  positive communication with their families but, it this is most effective when this choice is made for themselves.